Do you ...

... miss the creative vibe of conference socials?

... have cool ideas but nowhere to talk about them?

... have more questions than answers?

... want to think outside of the box?

Then join us at the BarCamp!

For detailed schedule please check the technical session.

The Concept

What to bring:

  • Discussion topics
  • Active Participation

How it works:

  • Pitch your topic in the scheduling session
  • Show your interest by voting for topics
  • Schedule your topic in the agenda (If you get votes for your pitch!)
  • Get a 1h time slot for your discussion topic
  • Document your findings
  • Have fun!

The BarCamp is shaped by participants like you!

Starting points for good sessions

  • Have more questions than answers
  • Stimulate discussions and let the crowd help you
  • Show max. 1 slide

How to be part of the BarCamp

Submit a topic proposal to:

  • Blog/Twitter/Talk about the BarCamp
  • Bring your colleagues

The sessions will be held in breakout rooms and a Miro-Board will be provided.


Attending the BarCamp might lead to the following conditions:

  1. You create new ideas or project proposals
  2. You have more concepts for publications than reviewers can handle
  3. You connect with more collaborators than you can remember their names

The organizers are not responsible for late complications of novel research ideas or project proposals.

We are looking forward to your participation!

Your BarCamp@SMACD team

Anton, Christoph, Georg and Gregor

Registration Conditions

  • Participation is free of charge for registered participants of the conference.
  • For BarCamp only participation a 50,– € fee will be charged.
Bar Camp